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by Cody Andrew

3 years ago

We had the oppertunity to  interview one of the largest fake sellers in china, he asked us not to reveal his information. Heres what we asked him, and here is his response. We were shocked.


Q: How many sellers are there in China

Seller: Millions, some of them become millionaire, even billionaire by doing that.

Q: How do you get the plans for the shoe?

Seller: Apparently we wont replicate any shoes, because that is impossible and unwise. Basically depends on the market feedback. For example, Addidas superstar is a great masterpiece, but it is not necessary to spend lots of money and efforts replicate it, because even though our product is identical to the authentic in every aspects, people still could buy the authentic anywhere. Then there is no necessary and no profit to make that kind of replicate products. However, take Airjordan 1 x Offwhite as an example, since it is released only a small amount, especially the white one which is only released in Europe, obviously it would make a lot money to replicate it, and more importantly, most of people wont care it is replicate or not, they just want it.

Q:How many factories are there

Seller: Honestly I’m not quite sure, as far as I know, there are hundreds factories in China. But China has been known as the World Manufacturer since 1990s, those big international companies like Adidas, Nike, Kappa, and Bape have many third contract companies in China. Many workers of those factories have been recruited by other factories, and those workers know everything about how to making a pair of shoes.  So I would say at least 10 of this kind of big factories exist.

Q: Do you know the other sellers?

Seller: Yes, of course

Q; Is it competitive

Seller: Yes

Q: Have you ever got in trouble for copy right?

Seller: No, because we never sell it as authentic, everyone of us, including our customers know it is replica, and most importantly it is cheaper than authentic, and everyone can afford it.

Q: How close are the products to the real ones

Seller: Depends on how much efforts the maker invest, some of them made by authentic materials, that means it is 100% identical to the authentic. Some of those even have higher quality. But, those shoes with low quality do exist, and it is a lot. But the fact is no one care, because it is affordable and everyone loves it.

Q: Do fakes ever enter the real market?

Seller: Yes all the time.

Q: How many fakes are made a year do you think.

Seller: In total, I would say countless.

Q: Will it ever stop?

Seller: No, we make replica is not only about making money, but also make those extremely expensive and limited shoes affordable and accessible to everyone in the world.

Q:Do the new tariffs from trade war talk affect you

Seller: Not really.

Q: Do you like the American business set up

Seller: Well, this question is quite general. I’m not quite familiar with how American business set up

Q: Are most sellers just middle men?

Seller: Yes

Q: Do some sellers sell other factory’s products

Seller: Yes, it is pretty common. Since no such factory could produce any product of the market. Some factories make Tees, some make shoes, some make designer bags, some make accessories. If they wanna make money, definitely they would sell other factory’s products. But there is a problem is that some sellers sell same kind of products but made by different factories. Taking airjordan 1 x offwhite as an example, there r many factories which produce the aj1 x ow, but some sellers (middle man) would get instock from different factories with different quality, since the demand quantity is huge.

Q: Are many of sellers scammers?

Seller: No, most of sellers would live on this business. Most of them are not scammers. They just wanna make money.

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